Recent developments in marketing technology include big data, analytics, and computer vision. These new technologies have been called powerful third forces that influence marketing strategies.

With so many new technologies making their way into the market, it is important to know what they do and don’t take away from modern features. For example, advances in data collection and analysis have made it more difficult to displace traditional advertising methods.

This article will not talk about how to use these new technologies for advertising, but will discuss how they can be used for other purposes such as customer insight or product development.

Modern features are software tools that come with pre-configured settings and features that are designed to address specific needs of users. Some of the most commonly used modern features are: Google Analytics, Lead Gen Processtions, and Google Maps Builder.

Narrative content

modern marketing features

New features that can be leveraged into modern marketing features are narrative content. This content can be stories, narratives, or other stories meant to explain something, tell something important, or help understand something.

Storytelling is a way of non-verbally communicating information. You can read a story to yourself or you can make a video, e-book, or film and they both use the same mode of communication.

The second feature that is tied to narrative content is the editing mode. When creating information visualizations and reports, there is an extra layer to consider when designing the interface.

As opposed to having only two ways of looking at information, three if you include the editing mode, now are four!

This adds another layer of complexity to design and creates some tough decisions on when and how to use narrative content in a report or visualization.


modern marketing features

Advertising is a very important part of modern marketing. Without advertising, your company would be forced to use direct-mail catalogs, and expensive TV and Internet commercials.

There are several ways to spend money to advertise your company via TV, Internet, outdoor ads, and spot-sprinkled inserts in magazines. Each has its own set of costs and benefits.

Online ad services like Google AdWords allow you to set up accounts for multiple companies at once, making it a quick and cost effective way to spread your message.

Outdoor advertising is also a very popular way to spend money on advertising.

Marketing strategies

modern marketing features

There are many ways to market your business. There are hundreds of websites and app stores dedicated to selling goods and services. In fact, there are more than one of each!

Most of these sites and apps have a set of principles that they follow when developing an app or website. These principles include how they market their business, what they offer, and how they promote their product or service.

Including the use of social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook has become a normality for businesses nowadays. As previously mentioned, Twitter is now used by non-business users to promote campaigns and projects.

Personal branding

modern marketing features

Making yourself more recognizable is a never-ending process. As you grow as an individual, you’ll step back and see how much better-looking you are than before. What other features of your life can be improved upon?

Includingproducts and campaigns for other businesses is a way to improve your “look-winning” on social media. There are many free platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter that you can use to update your appearance.

By including products or campaigns for them, you are essentially advertising for yourself. You are showing people what you look like without having to spend money!

Using online personas that represent who you are is a way to modernize your personal branding. Creating online personalities that match your real self is creating “chips” in the foundation for our modern selves.

Social media

modern marketing features

Today, your customers are expected to be social. You’ll be monitored! Even companies that don’t actively engage their customers are expected to interact with them on social media.

This is due to the increased use of Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as marketing platforms. Sites like Twitter and Facebook have features that track your usage and activity, making it easy for companies to follow back and post items for you to respond to.

Since posts on Twitter and Facebook are often long, people who manage companies or businesses can become addicted to having the ability to respond quickly.

iTunes Radio is a great way for small businesses to get their name out.

Video marketing

modern marketing features

Video is a powerful medium for advertising. Not only can you create beautiful, high-quality content in just a few minutes, but also you can save and share your video content.

Including links to your new video on existing videos is common. By linking to your new video, other members of the community can find and watch what you did for inspiration.

This gives rise to further inspiration and comment, keeping your video fresh and increasing your chances of a responsive audience.

Including music or sound effects that you can soundtrack your ad or commercial, this is considered polyrhythmic music and many consumers enjoy it when viewing an ad. It brightens the ad’s message and gets people thinking about the product or service that was advertised about even though they are hearing only the ad’s message.

Canvases are becoming popular wayfinding tools as people use YouTube or live streams to present their ads. By including a concise summary of what the product does in an engaging way, people will be more likely to respond to their pitch.

Content creation

modern marketing features

Making your own content is a great way to learn how to create content! Building your own content can be an easy way to learn more about the business and market.

Many different businesses offer their memberships via Facebook, YouTube, or email. Many have detailed tutorials included!

Being able to create your own content is also a great way to network with other creators. You can go into the producer mode and work with other producers to make something fun and unique.

By creating your own content you can also experiment with new writing styles, formatting, and ideas. You may even find new ways to present information or create new information types for existing pieces of information.

Network marketing companies use content creation tools such as cutouts or exact replications of products or services that they use in their training programs.


modern marketing features

An infographic is a medium that can feature text, images, and video. As the term suggests, an infographic features information in a set format and is placed on one page to be viewed in full.

The term data visualisation refers to any set of information drenched in conventional visual formats. So, while a simple chart may only use numbers to represent information, an infograph uses all three.

The best infographics use both data and visualization to their full potential. A powerful way to use data visualization is as an editorial element: You can add quality content or a pop culture theme to make it more appealing than just two different things would be.

Data visualisation can be used for everything from informing decisions to promoting products and services.

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