Creating a modern digital marketing team is an important part of building a successful marketing strategy. In today’s hyperactive, fast-paced environment, it’s more important than ever to create a team that can work together and share information.

Modern teams often include one or more specialists in their repertoire, which makes sense in an interconnected world. Specialists can provide guidance on every level from research to creative to delivery. They can also play into each other’s strengths and complement them with different products and services.

The role of the specialist is to bring valuable knowledge and experience that benefits the rest of the team. This benefits both you and your company as each member of the team learns new things and applies them to their job.

This article will talk about some basic structural elements that a modern digital marketing team needs to have. These elements include: (1) a leader with leadership skills, (2) a manager with management skills, and (3) contributors with creativity.

Recruiting is hard

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

While most people believe that a well-designed online profile, a great message, and an engaging personality are enough to get someone hired, they’re not for everyone.

There are people who look at these things and don’t hire people like them.

People who feel that they have to put in more effort to be hired compared to other candidates. People who feel that they cannot do the job as well as another candidate due to their experience, reliability, or trustworthiness.

These are all qualities that somebody looking at your profile or hearing your message can see, understand, and trust. When those qualities aren’t present, it makes it hard to recruit and retain employees and business partners alike.

Addressing these qualities is what modern digital teams need to be equipped with the tools and skills to recruit and retain employees.

Prepare your company culture

A modern digital marketing team should be well-prepared and aware of its role in the larger company culture. This includes learning about how other teams work, what roles are required, and what each team does.

Take time to learn about your company and the role your team members play. You will gain a better understanding of your company’s goals when you understand them in depth!

When a team member falls behind in their job duties, especially when it comes to productivity or engagement levels, it’s more important than ever for that person to see a new leader or organization.

It’s also important for that person to gain new knowledge and experience on how to organize their own job duties and take charge of their organization. These are all part of the modern digital marketing team delivery model.

Prepare your company vision

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

Before you hire your team, it’s best to create a vision for your company that matches your needs. This sets the foundation for how your team works together and what they do.

When you look at your organization from the outside in, it’s important to see what you want from them and how they can help you achieve it.

You will be able to determine if your team is the right fit if they don’t understand what you want from them and how they can help you get there. If this sounds like the team you have already got, then maybe it’s time to look for new ideas and ways to achieve your goals.

It’s important to know who knows what they know and who doesn’t when it comes to digital marketing teams. You want people onyour team that know things about technology, but who don’t know each other nor do they work together makes for a busy room.

Identify your current weaknesses

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

Once you’ve gathered your team, it’s time to identify your weaknesses. You want your team to be strong enough to handle any campaign or project you throw their way, right?

Weigh your needs against those of your audience and stakeholders, gauge the success of previous projects and campaigns, and consider what other opportunities may arise.

For example, a beverage company that is heavily invested in product development may not want to invest large amounts of time in marketing due to the large amount of product development that goes on. On the other hand, a health-focused company may want to market because they feel their message is needed in the market.

Once you determine which areas of communication need strengthening, identify who can do it and recruit them into your team.

Identify candidates and prospects

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

Once your team is in place, it’s time to identify and bring on new members. You can do this by looking at who they are and their work to see if they fit into the team style and what their strengths are.

To make this process easier, you can start with phone calls and emails to gather information about candidates and potential teams. This includes checking social media accounts, websites, and other organizations that potential members don’t belong to yet.

It is important to gather information about these individuals because it will help build trust in the team and determine if there are communication issues on the team.

When doing a background check, you should also look for red flags. These may be signs of problems or issues that may cause a person stress or anxiety. If a person has any of these points, they should be removed from the team due to risk.

Prepare your marketing plan

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

Once your team is in place, it’s time to prepare your marketing plan. This includes creating a marketing map of your business, figuring out what messages you want to send out, and determining how you will deliver those messages.

The map helps you determine where on your business you want to send out messages, as well as what kinds of people you want to message and how they might respond to your content.

It also helps you determine which tools and strategies will help you evenly distribute your content and create a diverse audience.

By having a plan, you will have everything needed to respond quickly to changes in your business or in the market that require new content or products. You can also add new tools and projects self-assessment tests if they come up later on.

Ask yourself these questions

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

What skills do you have that your team can add to the mix?

Are there certain fields of business where your team can bring value?

It’s important for a team in a digital marketing campaign to have the ability to add skills and value to the mix.

Ask yourself these questions as your team builds: What skills do I have that my colleagues don’t? What fields of business do my colleagues not work in? How can I apply my skills to this project?

This way, you will be able to build a strong team that understands the project well and has the right experience and passion for it. You will also be able to ask for help when needed, which is better than having no one on board. You will also be more apt to get feedback from others, which helps strengthen your team.

What skills do you want in your team?

how to structure and build a modern digital marketing team

In the modern digital marketing team, there are two main components that make up the digital marketing team. The first is the skills-set-set, or what you know and how you can apply those skills to your projects. The second is the project-level-set, or what specific skills each member of the team needs to develop in order to succeed.

Both elements must be addressed together in order for both teams to thrive. A well developed project level set will help build trust and create a sense of community within a company. A well developed skills set will help build confidence and increase productivity on projects as members develop their ability to leverage those pieces together.

This article will discuss some elements that contribute to a well structured modern digital marketing team and how to create one for yourself.

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