Creating a modern marketing department is an iterative process. As new responsibilities are given to your team, new members must be hired to complete their part of the system.

At its most basic, a marketing department consists of a manager who oversees all aspects of marketing efforts and hires staff to help them. This manager can also add new members to their team as needed.

The different responsibilities of the team can be split into smaller chunks, with each person reporting directly to the boss. This way, everyone is more accountable for what they are doing and for results!

When creating a modern marketing team, there are several responsibilities that need to be dealt with. These include: account management, research & planning, social media management, creative approval/submission, and leadership/management roles.

Hire talented individuals

how to structure a modern marketing department

Once your team has a solid foundation, you should start hiring and promoting talent. You can do this easily by listing all of your employees’ websites and emails in your organization chart.

You can also look up people’s past accomplishments and find new talent through them. If a member of your team was recently promoted, you can look up their old job to find new talent to recruit.

Either way, it is important to keep track of who is saying what and who is doing what. This will help when problems arise and who comes up with solutions.

In the long run, these smart people will save you money by being able to solve problems faster than someone less skilled can. They will also grow with your company as you promote them into leadership roles.

Create a marketing team structure

how to structure a modern marketing department

Having a dedicated marketing team can help your business grow and handle media requests well. A team can help develop strategies and create content for media requests.

This modern marketing department can be created in several ways. Most use a group together with responsibilities and shared rewards. Some use designated individuals to work on media requests or as spokespeople.

Whatever way you do it, your team will have to have members. Make sure to account for this in planning out the office, including phones, equipment, and transportation arrangements.

Team members may include the following:

Editorials/editorial staff (media)

Video production (phones included)

Photo reproduction (phones included)

Develop a marketing strategy

how to structure a modern marketing department

Once you’ve got your team, hire a marketing plan will give you a guide to follow. You can use it to create your own strategy, or buy one from a company.

A marketing plan can be used in conjunction with a strategic plan, but the two should be used together.

Strategic plans look at big goals and detail how to get there. For example, building a new brand ambassador programme would focus on obtaining brand recognition and spreading awareness about your company.

Marketing plans look at small goals and put them in place to make sure your business is reaching its potential. For example, investing in social media posts or hiring an online presence will add depth to the way your business communicates with people.

Both strategic plans and the various marketing plans that my team creates are designed to target specific goals, so it is not necessary to spend large amounts of money on each one- they are easy to create when you have an idea of what you want from the start.

Implement digital marketing strategies

how to structure a modern marketing department

Today, we will talk about a new way to organize your business’ marketing department. This new way is called the digital marketing strategy. This term has become very popular in today’s market place, due to its ability to impact every part of your business.

Digital marketing is the use of electronic media such as websites, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to distribute information about your business. It can include online advertising and promotion, online display advertising and promotion, and online content management systems.

Online content management systems allow you to create custom websites or blogs for your clients, yourself! Many are free ones that you can use.

Create an event marketing plan

how to structure a modern marketing department

Your marketing team should have a plan in place for events. This event marketing plan can be as short as a few bullet points, or it can be a comprehensive plan that covers all elements of an event.

Short answer: Have at least some of the following in place: an event timeline, guidelines for social media content, a list of sponsors or funders, and an action plan.

Long answer: Creating the event marketing plan can be difficult at first. You may feel like you are being used to promote the event, but eventually you will create a plan that fits your team well and promotes your business.

Your team will have enough information to function effectively on their own, but it is better to have this information available when needed than not to have it available.

This is especially true for teams that use social media or event-based communication methods. Your helpers will need access to this information if they are going to help you operate effectively in the space.

Designate responsibilities

how to structure a modern marketing department

Once your company has a solid plan in place, it’s time to give those responsibilities a try. You can do this in groups or just by yourself, it doesn’t matter either way because you will be the one that puts everything into practice.

In groups, each person puts their own responsibility up for approval by the rest of the group. In his or her own group, the person puts out the memo and requests support from everyone.

In his or her own group, the person works on their skills and gets support from whoever is willing to help them.

Both ways work great! There’s no right or wrong way to design a department.

Document everything

how to structure a modern marketing department

Once your company has a clear plan in place, it’s time to document it. You will need to create a plan that can be re-used and updated as your company grows.

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re meeting expectations under any circumstances. If someone leaves your company, recruits or drops out, or if something changes, then you need the plan still to work for you.

The plan should cover all levels of the organization – from managers down to employees. It should also cover representatives from different departments – whether that’s marketing, finance, or even production.

As mentioned before, having more than one person covering different parts of the organization can lead to confusion and inefficient working practices. It is instead recommended that each person has their own responsibility and takes turns being accurate with their skills.

Get feedback regularly

how to structure a modern marketing department

Your marketing team should have access to feedback from all levels of their organization. This includes senior executives, staff, and direct reports.

This is a fantastic way to get valuable insights into themselves and their company!

Getting feedback from others is a great way to learn how they see the world and what they’d say to the opposite of what you want them to say.

Even if you don’t think you need their help, you should get in touch with these people anyway- they can help you determine if your company needs new features or changes to its current offerings, for example.

There are many ways for a company to get input on code, product updates, and the like. engagements with community members, technical experts, et cetera are all common forms of interaction.

Whatever it is that your team works on, make sure that there’s good quality input from others.

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